The EC brochure gives an overview of how the construction sector plays an important role in the EU's economies.

It explains EU actions in the areas of job creation, resource efficiency and sustainability, marketing construction products, safety and health, public-private partnerships and international trade.


The Concerted Action EPBD releases its 2016 report "Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) – Featuring Country Reports." It analyses and compares implementation of the Directive across the 28 EU Member States and Norway.


A general presentation describing in a short way what is Life Cycle Analyses, Environmental Product Declaration, Product Environmental Footprint and EN standards.


The awareness that sustainability in construction must be evaluated on a building level is growing. To this end the social, ecological and economic impact of a building must be taken into account. At the same time every material (regrowable, recyclable, etc.) must meet the same strict technical requirements and be able to present the necessary guarantees for this.


In 1990, as a response to an increased responsibility for the environment, several well known European producers of PVC and PVC floor-coverings had established the AgPR (Association for the Recycling of PVC Floor-Coverings.)