Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets in different fields




DS Smith MelonDistrict Source_DS Smith Plastics (3).jpgdott.gallina Lamborghini facade side night (1).jpgThe intrinsic properties of polycarbonate sheets make it the ideal material for many kinds of building applications. 


Their light weight makes them easy to install while their high impact resistance make them a durable option. 


This durability combined with transparency also make polycarbonate sheets an excellent alternative to glass, especially combined with their capacity for UV filtration. 






BMS_chroma lux_source Rosalie (1).jpgPolycarbonate sheets are frequently used in signs and displays as they are easily thermoformed and printed on.


Their rigidity and shatter resistance ensure a long life and also make them ideal for glazing posters and billboards. 


Thanks to these pBMS_Heldendisplay_source Rosalie (1).pngroperties polycarbonate sheets have been used in a variety of creative design installations, further proving the versatility of this material.


Polycarbonate becomes more frequently the chosen material by interior designers and artists.






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