Did you know?

Did you know?

Plastics are one of the most energy efficient materials over their entire life-cycle


Plastic applications tend to be easy to install, take up limited space, require minimal upkeep and continue to function to their full potential for decades.


30 to 50 Years - The typical lifespan of plastic applications in building and construction without losing properties.


9% - additional greenhouse gas savings compared to alternative materials used in buildign insulation.


16% - additional energy savings compared to alternative insulation materials.


€22.2 - billion - the savings provided by the use of plastic pipes in water mains in Italy when compared with alternative materials.


80% - the energy consumption reduction achieved by simple things like combining thermal insulation with tripled glazed windows.


100,000 tonnes – The quantity of polypropylene and polyethylene recycled material used for the manufacture of pipes across the EU in 2014