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In architecture, plastics play a role that cannot be replaced by any other materials, both from a functional and from an aesthetic point of view.


Plastics are used for interior finishing for instance, due to its specific colour options, or for exterior panels due to its strength, weight and durable nature.








Anansi Playground Bldg , Mulders vandenBerk Architecten.jpgAnansi Playground Bldg, Mulders vandenBerk Architecten


Corian Acrylic Polymer outside - here in exterior panels (7,2 x 3.5 m), initially smaller (0.9 x 3.5 m), 12 mm thick milled with unique graphic pattern and glued together at the site with the color –matched acrylic epoxy. (source : Ballard Bell V., Rand P. „Materials for Architectural Design  2, pp. 199, 201) 






CENTRO CONGRESSI in Villanueva de la Serena , Spain.jpg

CENTRO CONGRESSI in Villanueva de la Serena , Spain,  Vegas Altas Pancorbo, de Villar, Chacon, Martin Robles  


Winner of 2008 competition . Designed for musical and theatre performances .The main auditorium seats 800 people.The cube with openings is wrapped  with polypropylene ropes  secured by steel anchors .Skylights and insulations made of plastics – polycarbonate panels  and reticulated polyethylene membrane .

(The PLAN , April 2015)







El B Conference Hall and Auditorium, Cartagena Spain,.pngEl B Conference Hall and Auditorium, Cartagena Spain, Selgas Cano Arquitectos


The glossy wall and partition materials of the building are composed of two plastic products (acrylic, polycarbonate) of varying color and transparency made from a single custom extrusion profile. (source: Ballard Bell V., Rand P. „Materials for Architectural Design  2, pp. 184, 186) 






Housing Vallecas , Ensanche 5117, Madrid South, architects.png

Housing Vallecas,  Ensanche 5117, Madrid South, architects Somos arquitectos, 2006- 2009


Polycarbonate panels used in social housing, 123  dwellings.The eight floor building houses the maximum number of the appartments as required by the developer. To diversify the facade and reduce its scale the surface is divided into small coloured strips. These strips consist of open-celled polycarbonate panels in three shades of green, fixed on aluminum profiles. (source: E.Kuryłowicz, 2015)





Miroterie Retail building, Lausanne Switzerland.jpg

MIROTERIE Retail Building, Lausanne, Switzerland, B + W Architecture


Polytetrafluoroethylene, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ETFE. Small department store with three walls which did not to be transparent and are constructed with translucent, air-inflated cushions .The  structural system of the building works as the structure supporting the triangular elements made of four layers. (source: Ballard Bell V., Rand P. „Materials for Architectural Design  2, pp. 202 - 205)