Plastics Applications


bg_1_0.jpgConstruction profiles such as window frames achieve high thermal insulation values and energy savings in winter time and, at the same time, these insulation systems protect the building from over-heating in summer. This improves the quality of living accommodation and reduces the need for air-conditioning.


Although the life-cycle calculation for window frames indicates an average life of 40 years, the actual technical end of their working life has not yet been reached and, to date, few used window frames have yet been returned. Recycling of window frames has been developed for incorporating parts of the recyclate in new profiles.



Plastic insulation systems can also make a significant contribution to noise reduction within the building, thus again adding to the quality of life.



After pipes and insulation, the third major application area is wallcovering and flooring. Flooring, in particular those made of PVC, have been in use for 60 years, and have proved their worth in domestic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and children's rooms. They have also made a very valuable contribution in public areas, such as hospitals, sick-rooms, operating theatres, schools, municipal buildings, offices and sports centres.